KSAC - overseas education counsellor, providing most suitable, unbiased study abroad options based on your profile, needs & aspirations. We make a customized higher education plan for each student who wants to study abroad, taking into consideration family background and finances. We work with a handful of students, guiding and advising on all aspects of study abroad- making us one of the best counsellors for study abroad..

Kavita Shah Study Abroad Counselor guides students and their family through University Applications for admission to Undergraduate, Graduate, MBA and PHD level. Our deep understanding of college admission process around the world is based on exhaustive updates and systematic research, campus visits, interactions with university admissions counsellors, and a strong alumni network that offers feedback. KSAC is not a factory churning out numbers, but a boutique consultancy that provides qualitative analysis for college selection for overseas education. Tap into the knowledge and expertise of an experienced counsellor to guide families make this important decision of study abroad. Ease the process of transitioning from India to a country abroad and living away from home.
Guiding you from confusion to clarity, from chaos to confidence, from uncertainty to conviction

A recent study shows that more than 50% people agree they would pursue a different degree if they could go back in time, in the hope of a different career trajectory. It is vital to identify and assess your talents, aptitude, skills, passion, and strengths to help you choose a college subject/major. We consider this process of matching your academics, aptitude and interest to the course/subject and career goals, very important. Your chosen profession will define you, describe you, and determine your life's direction.

We begin with an evaluation to help identify your core strengths and weaknesses, interests, aptitude, educational objectives, career goals, etc. We match these interests and aptitudes with educational programs that will foster your academic development. When appropriate, we will recommend psychological, academic, aptitude assessment. We spend time with you to identify your motivators for selection of right-fit course without prejudice.

We support the students' decision to apply multiple countries or course majors in the same application cycle, as long as it is a course/major of choice. We are experts at education systems of USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Dubai, Singapore. We have a very thorough understanding of Education systems, Post study work permits, H1B visa, OPT, Canadian PR, Australian PR and other country work and immigration policies.

With extensive knowledge of universities in different countries, we can broaden your potential choice of colleges/universities, and provide crucial help in weighing factors such as cost, location, curriculum, and discuss possibilities in a meaningful way. Sometimes all you need is reassurance that there are great college choices for everyone to help reduce anxiety for parents and students. We guide and advise you on how to choose an educational program that correlates with your academic progress and social development, compare schools and programs and find the "right-fit" colleges

We understand that each and every student is unique. With individual attention, we guide you through the entire process step-by-step with firsthand knowledge of hundreds of educational opportunities, assisting each student and family to explore all possible options and shortlist good-fit colleges. Choosing the right course is vital to enjoying your time at university and your professional journey. With indepth discussions, we help you explore your options thoroughly, understand new age courses, and align your course selection with your career goals.

As the number of applications rise every year, colleges evaluate more than just good grades in a student. Internships, extra curriculars, sports, voluntary work, leadership positions, initiatives, team participation, etc, all work to build your profile for college admission. They provide valuable insights into student’s passions, motivation, and ability to balance academics and activities. While building a profile, the eventual aim is to stand out as a well-rounded personality with diverse interests, but a student should not end up looking like a Jack-Of-All-Trades and a Master-Of-None. We helps you achieve the balance by carefully crafting your profile. Building a student profile for admission to a dream college can start as early as 2-3 years before application process starts.

Elements of a GOOD Application
  • Good grades/marks
  • Strong standardized test scores
  • Well-written statement of purpose
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Internships, work experience
  • Extracurricular interests
  • Volunteering experience

Benefit from our understanding of various entrance tests like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT and when to take them. Get guidance for scheduling required tests to avoid a clash with important academic and extra-curricular activities.

To navigate the college admissions process smoothly, we help keep track of which applications need what information and submission timelines. We take much of the stress out of the process by guiding you about every component, be it the form, personal statement, essays, resume, LORs, transcripts, list of activities, etc.

Most believe that the essays and SOP are the deciding factor for a college Admissions Committee to accept a student. They help the reviewers gain an understanding of your background and interests besides academic and career goals. You can demonstrate what sets you apart from other applicants and give them a peek into your perception, passion, and determination. This helps the Admissions Committee determine if you are a good match for the university and program to which you are applying. These components are the only part of your application that are totally in your control, hence they should be well-crafted. Take your time to tell them your story and how your goals align with the University offerings. With professional content writers on our team, we offer suggestions and ideas for your essays, SOps, LoRs, scholarship essays, resume, etc. We curate your written work and identify areas of improvement.

The interview is very important- you get only one chance to make a good impression. Unlike other admission requirements, it cannot be rewritten, or retaken. You have a short window to impress, so you need to focus on the essentials, get to the point quickly and prepare to adapt to various interview styles. Besides the content, factors such as your facial expression and body language are important in a video essay. We help you get it right!

These applications are made by students who are seeking funding or recognition for high academic excellence. They are similar to the SoPs, but their aim is to make you shine. This is your chance to elaborate on skills and expertise or challenges not highlighted in other sections of your application. Outline how you meet the scholarship criteria with genuine passion and enthusiasm. Writing about an experience or interest could highlight your strengths. We help reviews scholarship options and financial aid and help with brainstorming, outlining and revising the final draft.

Help you understand visa application process of a country. Prepare you for visa interview. Connecting with other students, any former classmates, alumni as they have a network to share and in general, people are very willing to share their stories, expertise and advice .

Do I Need a Counselor?

With a study abroad counsellor, you get access to objective advice and reliable information, and the kind of individual attention necessary to make an informed decision. Preparing to study abroad is stressful for most families. The internet is flooded with information regarding college admissions and processes. This data overload can be overwhelming, tough to filter and make sense of. Families may find themselves at a loss to properly evaluate their options and make appropriate choices. Seeking the services of an independent educational consultant can be the wisest investment you can make. Our fees are barely 2-3% of one-year college fees and expenses.


Why we do what we do

Explore Countries

About KSAC

We listen to you and let you ask as many questions until you are satisfied. The conversation is more about you than us, because we really want to help you. We are concerned about you, we are interested in you, your future, and making your dreams come true. We spend time to understand you, your future aspirations, your career and academic goals. We are not bogged down with the needs of hundreds of other students, and have more time available to focus on your family. We are available to answer questions students may have about the academics, culture, programs, extracurricular activities, and the surrounding community.

We work with a handful of students, guiding their family through the entire process. We help you match academics, aptitude and interest to the course, employability and career goals. We identify what motivates you for selection of right-fit course/major without prejudice. We are committed to authenticity and quality in empowering students to make informed choices about studying abroad. With 8 years of experience, and an internationally qualified team that is reputable and approachable. Experience, exposure and professional qualifications in this domain make us hands-on consultants


We help you explore various fields of specializations and career roles that would be a good fit, and not just a fad. Name a program and we will identify the most suitable option for you- be it in the field medicals & dentistry, engineering, information technology, law, business management to art & design, fashion, architecture, sports & exercise science, public health, psychology, physiology, nutrition, or even gender studies.

New Age subjects like AI, ML, Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Environmental science, Robotics, Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Sports Management, Media Management, Luxury Brand Management, VFX & Animation- can be overwhelming. You are plagued with questions- what will I learn, what jobs will I get? We connect you with industry experts, students to get a grasp of what you are getting into.

Matching your abilities, goals, and needs to universities will help determine which options are a good fit. Students and parents can benefit from our years of corporate exposure, insights into technology and job trends, and an understanding of industry expectations from graduates, and the placement scenario. This helps in guiding the student towards a course that not only interests him, but will also ensure employability.

Study Level

We are experts at University Applications for Undergraduate, Graduate, MBA and PHD

Benefit from unbiased advice and recommendations based on our professional judgment of a student’s needs and abilities. We help high school students, college graduates, young adults who want to explore higher education options. we are genuinely concerned about where the student wants to go to school and what type of career he or she plans to have in the future. We work with students for:

  • Foundation Course
  • Undergraduates/Bachelors
  • Graduate/Masters
  • STEM Masters
  • Masters (by research)
  • MBA
  • Doctorate (PHD)